Toxikk Patch #006 (Parsley Build v0.85)

Eccoci giunti alla Parsley Build che nonostante sia una major patch non porta con se numerose novità, ma al contrario porta con se la qualità! Infatti è con questo aggiornamento che viene introdotto il sistema Skill Class System (SCS), ossia l’algoritmo che farà in modo di unire giocatori dello stesso livello/abilità basandosi sulle nostre performance, chi gioca a CS:GO credo abbia ben presente il concetto. Ma non è tutto, da oggi abbiamo a disposizione anche una nuova splendida mappa ambientata nella giungla, Ganesha!

Di seguito il change log completo.



This new map is pretty much done. We’re not yet fully happy with the lighting, so expect more visual enhancements to this map with coming patches.
Background: “Exocom’s satellites have detected traces of Edenium in a river that crosses the Khor Ganesha sanctum, an inaccessible, dereclict temple installation, hidden in the Cambodian jungle. Extensive probing proved the area to be rich of Edenium, but when Exocom sent out staff to install their terra drills, Drayos troops were already on-site to turn the Ganesha temples into a security perimeter. Now, both faction battle for dominance over the temple compound.”

The Skill Class System observes and analyzes your gameplay and grants a skill level ranging from 1-12 depending on your playstyle, your win ratio and many more aspects. Servers can now be set to certain skill classes/levels, allowing unexperienced players to play on the lower level locked servers and pro players to play on the high tier servers.
It’s only the first version of this system and we expect it to be flawed. So, please don’t be upset if your granted skill level appears to be somewhat off. We want to gain experience with this system and tweak it until it fully serves its purpose.
Your skill level is displayed in the upper right of the menu. It is not yet fully integrated into the in-game HUD and there’s no visual analysis at the end of a match. However, by analyizing the outcome of matches and comparing it to the elaborated skill levels, we can gather important information to further tweak the system.

As requested by the community, we implemented a weapon bar at the lower end of the HUD that can be set to come up whenever you pick-up or switch to a weapon or be always visible. The weapon bar gives you an overview over the weapons you’ve in your inventory and also how much ammo for each weapon is available. It also let’s you switch very fast to a new weapon with the mouse-wheel.
As with the SCS, this is only the first version of the weapon bar and we’ll further tweak this to become more visually appealing over time.

As requested by the community, you can now manually define the port configurations for your server. Also with the introduction of the Skill Class System, you may now limit access to your servers to players with certain skill levels.

As requested by the community, audio hitmarkers now pitch with the amount of damage caused to another player (the more damage you cause, the deeper the sound).


We reverted the sound to the original one as the one of V0.82 didn’t find much love in the community. We’re still going to work on this sound (and on pretty much all other weapon sounds), so expect more changes with future updates.


We’ve fixed most of the reported bugs and implemented most suggestions we received with this new version of Foundation. There’s also a slight geometry change that opens up a small back alley passage.

We’ve fixed most of the reported bugs and implemented most suggestions we received with this new version of Artifact.



That’s all for the sixth patch of TOXIKK. There’s still a lot of stuff missing from this patch that is almost done, but didn’t make it into the first version of the Parsley build generation and will be released soon (CC variants of Artifact and Foundation, SDKK, the “bonus map” we promised for this build generation etc.). We simply didn’t want to delay the launch of the Parsley generation any further, but split up its content into various smaller patches. However, all of these will be released within this build generation.

As this patch was originally announced for March, we now realize that our original roadmap might be a bit too optimistic. As we don’t want to feed wrong expectations, we’re going to have a meeting later this week to discuss all remaining roadmap dates and apply changes as we see them fit.